Masiero Group is known as one of the leading light designers and manufacturers in the world. Our company has the privilege to work as a Masiero contact for the shipbuilding and construction industry clients. Now, we’re bringing these unique products and solutions for you and your project team.

With customized solutions, our great light designs can be placed into a large variety of different areas of ships and buildings, indoors and outdoors, providing your team the possibility to take the wow effect to the next level and increase the amenities significantly. We offer three ways for your area to reach the project’s goals:

  • Our unique designs 
  • Our special module solutions
  • By starting from the design table, according to your requirements and designs

Masiero is  a family company and an Italian story of passion, elegance, tradition, and success in the art of lighting. A well-known brand in 75 countries, Masiero is recognized and chosen throughout the world. The company traces back to the story of a family B2B business set up just a few kilometers from Venice in the year 1981. Masiero style encompasses 24 collections, 14 designers, 51 finishes, 46 colors, 12 materials, and 252 different models. 

Explore how our unique designs would bring your interior vision to life! 3D dwg. images of Dimore collections are available now on Archiproducts:

Download the new 2021 catalogs:

For learning more about Masiero light designs and how your team can create the unique experiences into the areas, contact us now!

The Masiero contact for the global shipbuilding industry and construction industry in Finland:

Saapunki Marketing Ltd, Arja Saapunki, +358 40 573 7609 / masieroprojects(at)