Saapunki Marketing has carried out a collaboration project with technology company VTT SenseWay. In the project Saapunki Marketing provided marketing support, a workshop, and consulting focusing on the global marine and shipbuilding industry.

-We’re glad VTT SenseWay chose us to receive this very special knowledge of marketing in the global shipbuilding industry and to benefit from our background with over 11 years of experience from this highly specialized field. VTT SenseWay is launching new sustainable products onto the markets, and this a perfect addition to our client portfolio of sustainable companies and brands, says Arja Saapunki, CEO of Saapunki Marketing. 

VTT SenseWay Ltd is Finnish-based technology company that designs new digital solutions for the marine and construction industries. The company is specialized in analyzing, defining, and transforming ideas for novel solutions with systematic approaches. VTT Senseway was established in 2019 and is based in Turku, one the capitals of the global shipbuilding industry.

Saapunki Marketing Ltd is a Finnish business development agency specializing in supporting B2B clients in demanding international environments. Sustainability is strongly in the DNA of the company’s marketing and business development services. Saapunki Marketing has its roots in over five years of experience and knowledge of developing sustainability in the global industrial environment. The company launched SSAC Development® last year, which is a sustainability innovation tool for companies with a complex product value chain and global supplier network. The company is also a sustainability collaboration partner of the globally known classification society DNV.


Saapunki Marketing

Arja Saapunki

+358 40 573 7609

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