Finland’s first accredited sustainability certificate, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Performance Ladder Standard 3rd level Certificate is issued to Makinen, one of the major cabin contractors in the global shipbuilding industry and a collaboration partner of Saapunki Marketing. The certificate has been awarded by the global certification body DNV, and it is also the first sustainability certificate issued to a company operating in the global shipbuilding industry.

– Makinen’s Finland office was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate in 2019, and we already have a long history in developing our social responsibility work. The field of social responsibility is broad, and it includes several themes such as corporate ethics, use of natural resources, biodiversity, environmental emissions, well-being at work, and human rights. The CSR Performance Ladder standard helped our company identify key areas for development. The standard supports setting understandable goals, milestones, and metrics, making our operations and reporting consistent and transparent. During the preparations for the certification, Makinen’s operating models, processes, and responsibilities became clear and concrete, says Kirsi Orava, Makinen’s VP, Sustainability & Brand Management.

– Systematic corporate responsibility management and open communication are increasingly essential factors from the perspective of corporate image, investment, and supply chain management. The responsibility system based on the CSR Performance Ladder gives small and mid-size enterprises a clear framework to build their responsibility work and the tools to communicate it in their supply chain, says Curt Ruokolahti, DNV’s Business Development Manager. 

– This standard combines the principles of ISO 26000, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, AA1000, and GRI. Worldwide, there are approximately 250 certified sustainability management systems according to CSR Performance Ladder. Makinen is the first organization in Finland to receive the DNV-certified sustainability management system certificate.

– This certification project was part of Saapunki Marketing’s new SSAC Development® project package, which also included the development of a sustainability innovation workshop. We’re honored that we managed to get a significant shipbuilding company, such as Makinen, as a collaboration partner for this SSAC Development® pilot project. In this project, we have developed a globally unique sustainability innovation platform. The platform’s key benefits are effective development work, cost-efficiency, and controlled risk management. This SSAC Development concept has been developed in close collaboration with globally recognized shipbuilding and service design professionals. As the companies are different, based on their businesses, products, services, and value chains, we needed to create a concept that we can customize according to each client’s starting point and goals, says Arja Saapunki, CEO of Saapunki Marketing. 

Saapunki Marketing has signed a collaboration agreement with DNV Business Assurance Finland Oy Ab earlier this year. Together with the global DNV Supply Chain and Green Finance department Saapunki Marketing offers sustainability innovation, development, and communication services for international companies. Saapunki Marketing has a sustainability development background in the global shipbuilding industry since the year 2016. SSAC Development® sustainability innovation workshop concept has been developed with the support of Business Finland.


Makinen, Kirsi Orava +358 50 486 7565,

DNV, Curt Ruokolahti +358 50 337 4761,

Saapunki Marketing, Arja Saapunki +358 40 573 7609,

More information about DNV CSR Performance Ladder Certification (in Finnish): CSR Performance Ladder -sertifiointi: CSR (

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