A new service, SSAC Development®, launched to solve companies’ sustainability and cost-efficiency development challenges

Saapunki Marketing is launching its new and unique SSAC Development® service concept for the marine and construction industry markets. The service has been developed in collaboration with the shipbuilding industry and service design professionals.

-Working in close collaboration with professionals, we have created customized services to respond to critical questions and challenges that come from developing sustainability in shipbuilding and construction. Shipbuilding and construction projects are usually very complex; keeping the whole value chain in mind, the projects can involve hundreds of companies around the world, says Arja Saapunki, CEO of Saapunki Marketing.

-For the shipowner, brand or real estate owner, the key questions are: At a detail level, how can you ensure that the sustainability requirements are met? Does your team really know what is happening throughout the value chain? How much would the development of sustainability support your business?

-For contractor and supplier network companies, the questions are: If you’re focusing on quality and sustainability in your company’s core strategy, how can you prove it? How can you stand out from the competition and avoid a low price strategy? How can your company be more attractive to financial organizations, potential talents, and other important stakeholder groups?

-The new SSAC Development® service concept responds to the challenges and questions that companies are facing now. With the service, the contractor and supplier company will innovate and add new solutions or qualities to their products and services as well as to their processes and their overall business. New ideas, solutions and qualities will be prototyped and tested in real time with a selected stakeholder group, all in a single week. After this, the company can move forward to the sustainability certification process of globally known classification society, DNV,  and/or to develop sustainability communication and reporting, she describes.

-You need to keep in mind that developing sustainability helps companies to save time and money and strengthen their businesses in the short and long term. It increases the reliability of companies and brands from a stakeholder perspective. And it is now cheaper to invest in this. You’ll lose more money if you postpone this any longer, she adds.

The creation of SSAC Development® is based on the study work (including the questionnaire sent to shipowner and brand organizations) and an official pilot project. As a result of the pilot project, both Finland’s and the global shipbuilding industry’s first sustainability certificates will be awarded by DNV to Makinen later this year. Makinen is one of the world’s leading cabin and interior contractors ( http://www.ismakinen.com ).

Saapunki Marketing Ltd is a Finnish company that provides marketing and sustainability development services to global shipbuilding and construction industry companies, and supports brands like Oras Group and Masiero Group. The three-year-old company has its roots in over five years of experience and knowledge of developing sustainability in the global shipbuilding industry. The company is also a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) community. Saapunki Marketing is based in Turku, one of the world capitals of cruise shipbuilding.

SSAC Development® has been created with the support of Business Finland.


Saapunki Marketing / Arja Saapunki / +358 40 573 7609

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