Saapunki Marketing enters into collaboration agreement with RNDV Spectrum

Saapunki Marketing has signed a collaboration agreement with a key challenger in the shipbuilding and construction industries of the future, RNDV Spectrum UAB. According to the agreement, Saapunki Marketing will provide marketing and sales support to help RNDV Spectrum establish and strengthen business in these industries. 

– It is inspiring to able to support RNDV Spectrum in this business journey. Though the company is relatively new, the team members have been working in the shipbuilding and construction industries for decades. Gathering this team and combining all the experiences, knowledge, ideas, work methods, and thinking creates a magnetic base for our service concept. The clients receive huge benefits, explains Mrs. Arja Saapunki, CEO of Saapunki Marketing. 

The international RNDV Spectrum UAB is a Lithuania-based company focusing on providing turnkey projects and outfitting services for clients in the shipbuilding and construction industries. The company’s headquarters is located in Klaipeda, but it has a presence in Finland, Germany, France, and many other countries. 

RNDV Spectrum is one of six companies in the RNDV family. The group of companies employs a total of 360 people, has a worker pool of 1300 people, and has been supporting clients for over 13 years. 

Saapunki Marketing Ltd. is a Finnish marketing agency that provides marketing and sustainability development services to global shipowners, shipyards, and suppliers. The two-year-old company is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) community. Saapunki Marketing is based in Turku, one of the global capitals of cruise shipbuilding.


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