Saapunki Marketing Congratulates the Winner of the Sustainable Product of the Year 2020, UK-based Magicman

Saapunki Marketing sponsored the Sustainable Product of the Year 2020 category, which was won by Magicman. This UK-based company has been repairing doors, floors, worktops, baths, shower trays, tiles, window frames and sills, furniture, etc. on board the cruise ships for over 25 years already. The company’s sustainable and solution-driven repair service has been rejuvenating instead of replacing for over 25 years, offering shipowners and brands a sustainable solution for keeping the passenger and crew areas in excellent condition.

The award ceremony took place online, gathering the global shipbuilding network together.

The Cruise Ship Interior Awards 2020 culminated this week, as a virtual award ceremony took place on Monday, 15th of June. Altogether, there was a total of 16 different categories divided into two sections, the areas and the products. Saapunki Marketing had the honor to announce the winner of the Sustainable Product of the Year. To learn more about the event and see the winners, visit