Setting the target of new sustainability development services – Saapunki Marketing starts a development project

While Covid-19 continues to hit the cruise industry hard, Saapunki Marketing begins a development project for increasing sustainability in the shipbuilding industry. The goal is to create new solutions for shipbuilding companies so that they can show the actions and efforts they’ve made to further sustainability, which supports shipowners and brands. The project focuses on the value chains of passenger and crew area solutions. 

-Covid-19 has emphasized the importance of social responsibility, which is one of the three pillars of sustainability development. However, environmental and economic responsibility are important as well. As all of these topics cover a wide variety of actions, it’s crucial to find those which are the most important for shipowners and brands and those which would best support their businesses. Based on these requirements, we’ll create solutions that enable shipbuilding companies to show their efforts towards sustainability to key decision-makers, helping these key decision-makers to evaluate and compare companies with one another. We’ll have the results from this project ready later this year or at the beginning of next year, says Arja Saapunki, the CEO of Saapunki Marketing.

-Sustainable development cannot move forward successfully unless the right steps are taken. Conducting sustainability development actions that don’t support the end user’s business is a waste of resources and bad for every company’s business. As the number of challenges in the industry has increased dramatically, it’s essential to focus on the topics that support the business in the short and long term, she adds.

Saapunki Marketing Ltd is a Finnish marketing agency that provides marketing and sustainability development services to global shipowners, shipyards, and suppliers. The two-year-old company is a member of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) community and actively searches for solutions, services and products which support sustainability development in the shipbuilding industry. The company is based in the Turku area, one of the global capitals of cruise shipbuilding

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Saapunki Marketing Ltd / Arja Saapunki, 358 40 573 7609