I.S Makinen focuses on sustainability, supported by Saapunki Marketing

Saapunki Marketing is strengthening its collaborative relationship with I.S. Makinen, and is providing support in Makinen’s sustainability development program. During this program, the company and supplier network will be scanned, sustainability levels reported, and Makinen will continue to improve its operations. The program focuses, particularly on environmental and social responsibility.

-Through our shipbuilding roots that reach back to the 1980s, we have gained very comprehensive knowledge and a wealth of experience in terms of materials, interior work processes, suppliers, and subcontractors for ships’ interior projects. By developing our processes, we’re making sure that our work doesn’t just meet the requirements, laws, and regulations, but also goes to the next level. This includes addressing what the demands will be in the coming years, and how we can support our clients’ businesses and offer added value, says Mr. Sameli Lähdesmäki, CEO of Makinen.

-It’s a pleasure to be supporting Makinen in their sustainability development program. Makinen has its recognized and unique way of working, which sets the starting point for sustainability at a very high level. The company is already known as one of the most responsible in their field. This, combined with their transparency, offers Makinen’s clients a range of benefits that support their newbuild and refurbishment projects, says Ms. Arja Saapunki, CEO of Saapunki Marketing.

Turku-based I.S. Makinen is a globally-known interior turnkey company, which was established in 1992. The company specializes in building and refurbishing ships’ cabins and public areas. Over the years the company has grown into a global group, supporting shipowners, brands, and shipyards. For more information about the company, visit https://www.ismakinen.com/en/frontpage.

Saapunki Marketing Ltd is a Finnish marketing agency that provides marketing services to global shipowners, shipyards, and suppliers. The company was established last year and is based in the Turku area, one of the global capitals of cruise shipbuilding.

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